eGo USB Variable Volt Battery Black

General description:

Some like it hot – some like it hotter, and then there’s the days where you actually wouldn’t mind taking it down a notch!

Well now you can, with the all new eGo variable voltage battery. With five simple clicks, you can go from 3.2 volt, to 3.7 volt, and all the way up to a whooping 4.2 voltage!

If we had all been cavemen, this would have been the item to run around with, while yelling “I am the god of fire!”

But, since we’re not, we will just say that this is an extremely useful battery which can be used with any existing [Janty eGo] device or [accessory] you might have! it is compatible to use with a normal eGo charger.

The battery comes in a 900 mAH configuration –enough for 1-2 days of continuous vaping ( depending on voltage output and how much you vape ).

· The LED indicators are as follows:
o Blue LED: 4.2 volt
o Purple LED: 3.7 volt
o Red LED: 3.2 volt
o Low battery: LED Ring will flash
o This device is capable of USB charging – and smoking while charging

Technical Specification

· 1x eGo variable voltage battery
· 1x USB cable (1.5m)

Dimensions: 95 mm x 14 mm
Color: BLACK

Charging procedure:
1. Remove bottom cap at end of battery.
2. Gently insert section A of USB cable to the battery. 
3. Insert section B into a USB port.
4. The port on the battery itself will light up (RED) to indicate charging is on.
5. The port on the battery will turn off when the battery is fully charged.

How to use:
Press the activation switch while inhaling from the cartridge. Stop pressing the activation switch when the desired volume of smoke is achieved. The battery will cut-off power when being pressed continuously for 12 seconds, to avoid overheating.

To refill cartridge, drop 3-4 drops of liquid directly to the atomizer, through the cartridge.
In case of leakage between atomizer and battery, wipe excess liquid with dry cloth or tissue – reduce number of drops if needed.

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