Janty eGo JETS Black SET



This set includes:
2 eGo Jets-tank atomizers

  • 2 standard atomizer (Type- A)

2 650 mAh batteries with shutdown LED function
1 Charger Adaptor (US)
1 USB wall charger
5 Empty Janty Tank Cartridges Black (Type-A)
1 pouch
1 user manual

Janty eGo Tank System (JETS)
The Janty eGo Tank System builds on the achievements of the original Janty eGo, designed by Janty in October 2009. Its huge 650mAh battery enables users to experience over 600 puffs a day. The Janty eGo Tank System applies a tank system for dripping e-liquid directly into its 1.1ml tank cartridge without the use of fine tissue inside the tank.

The Janty eGo Tank System set consists of a tank cartridge, tank atomizers and Janty eGo batteries (with power cut off function LED).

The Janty eGo JETS set uses a 3.7volt, 650mAH rechargeable battery. The safety function allows you to turn the battery off and on to prevent accidental discharge of the battery when not in use. It takes about 2 hours to charge battery. The special Janty eGo JETS microchip prevents overcharging. The charger will automatically stop when battery is fully charged.

To charge the battery, gently screw the Janty eGo JETS battery into the USB charger, and plug the USB cable into a USB charger or a computer. The battery should flash a red light to indicate that it is charging. Once the green light flashes, the battery has been fully charged.

* You should use only the dedicated JANTY eGo superfast USB charger provided to avoid damaging battery.

* Use the high voltage USB port to charge battery properly.

* Charge

the battery fully before using to maintain a good battery life.

JETS (Janty eGo Tank System) atomizers (except LR or TAWA atomizers) are covered by our Janty Warranty Program for 3 months from the delivery date and batteries 3 months. We will not guarantee products that have been damaged through improper use or intentional damages.

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Customer Reviews 

Rating 5
Scott Goosenberg - Thursday, 15 March 2012 EDT

Just a terrific product. It's a shame so many people waste their money on inferior systems, having never heard of Janty. I was lucky enough to have a
2-pack-a-day smoker friend of mine try different kinds, only to swear by this one. Well, that 8-year habit of mine? Gone, quicker than the vapor that
emanates tastefully from my mouth every time I use the product. A+.

Rating 5
Theresa Plummer - Monday, 05 December 2011 EST

OMG! I love this product! I'm new to vaping so I purchased your product and I purchased from VaporNine. Your product blows VaporNine away! Not
only does your product WORK WELL, IT VAPES WELL! VaporNine's product barely worked out of the box, the carts did not work, the battery is hinky,
there may be some kind of connection issue between the carts and the batteries, and I still have not heard from their customer service.rnrnYour
product, however, is a dream. All I did was fill my cart with liquid and vape to my hearts content. No fuss..... No Muss. I purchased the polar
mint juice and I love it! I have 3 more on order and cannot wait for them to arrive. rnrnAnyone thinking about purchasing this product, I give it 30

Rating 5
samples robert - Monday, 17 October 2011 EDT

Truly impressed, I smoked Kamel Reds, for 7 years. Now i dont even care about cigarettes.... All i can think is Janty. Thanks Janty for helping me
quit the bad stuff.

Rating 5
Kimberley Velasquez - Wednesday, 13 July 2011 EDT

OMG! After spending a full year using the 510's (not from Janty) which require constant refilling and replacing of atomizers I can say that
purchasing the JETS from Janty was the best decision I have EVER made!!! I am a heavy vapor and this battery last 6 to 8 hours and the cart last
nearly the same amount of time. Travel is a breeze and the size is not a problem at all. It is bigger than the 510, but comfortable. This product
never leaks and the atomizers are still functioning after 2 weeks. This product is well designed and I would recommend this product to all. Thanks
Janty!! PS. I always read reviews, but have never wrote one... Happy Vaping!!rnrnKimmy from Texas :)

Rating 5
iris reyes - Thursday, 24 March 2011 EDT

me gusta este producto pero necesito saber coo comprarlo o como obtengo el janty stick, pues he buscado en internet y no encuentro nada

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