Classic eLiquid RY4 X 20ML

Other name : RUYAN4-X, RY4-X.
You Save:  $3.00!!!
RY4 X LIQUID - 20 ML ZERO-0mg $12.95  $9.95

RY4 X LIQUID - 20 ML LOW-6MG $12.95  $9.95

RY4 X LIQUID - 20 ML MEDIUM-11MG $12.95  $9.95

RY4 X LIQUID - 20 ML HIGH-16MG $12.95  $9.95

The all NEW RY4 X liquid is based off of our standard RY4 flavor.

This liquid is based on both PG and VG, giving it both a great throat hit, as well as massive vapor.

This exclusive liquid is ONLY available through Janty.

Our childproof container is labeled in accordance with trading standard safety regulations.

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Customer Reviews 

Rating 5
Susanne Demaree - Friday, 15 July 2011 EDT

This is my favorite for months now. I had RY4 and someone in my office thought they smelled smoke! No comments when I use RY4X. rnrnALSO, I switched
to the eGO tank system and the BEST thing about this 20ml size is that the bottle tip is soft and fit perfectly into the tank for filling. All i good
in the world.rnrnQuit cold turkey upon the receipt of my first vape - April 2009

Rating 5
Casey LaCasse - Sunday, 23 January 2011 EST

I just did a review on the Janty RY4 and since I also ordered this at the same time,I have to say it's just more of a great thing.I love them
both.Great taste,great throat hit,and enough vapor to call the fire department! These are my favorite e-liquids by far.

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