Classic eLiquid RY4 20ML

Other name : RUYAN 4, RY4.
You Save:  $3.00!!!
RY4 LIQUID 20ML HIGH-16mg $12.95  $9.95

RY4 LIQUID 20ML LOW-6MG $12.95  $9.95

RY4 LIQUID 20ML MEDIUM-11MG $12.95  $9.95

RY4 LIQUID 20ML SUPERHIGH-24MG $12.95  $9.95

RY4 LIQUID 20ML NON-0mg $12.95  $9.95

Our #1 selling flavor.  A bold tobacco base with hints of caramel and vanilla.  Will satisfy the original tobacco lover as well as the sweet fans!

  • Our childproof container is labeled in accordance with trading standard safety regulations.

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Customer Reviews 

Rating 5
Casey LaCasse - Sunday, 23 January 2011 EST

I just received my RY4 today and cannot put it down! I've been wanting to try this flavor since everybody seems to brag it up.This is my new favorite
and since the Janty RY4 is the first one I've tried and I love it,then there is no need to try any other brand.I'm ordering more right now!!

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