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Janty® eGo Jets atomizer

General Description:

Looking for more? Look no further! With these Janty eGo JETS round atomizers, you get just that: more liquid capability and more smoke!

These atomizers were specifically designed for those that always loved the 801/CLASSIC atomizers commonly used with the Jantystick V3 - they have the same "big smoke" sensation, and can carry a lot of liquid inside!

The Janty eGo JETS atomizers are known to be some of the best workhorses around, solid build, expertly crafted, and brilliant in their performance. These atomizers are compatible with the Janty eGo System only!

compatible with normal Janty eGo batteries and Janty JETS batteries, to be used with

Technical Specification:

mAH: 2.2 Ω

The image(s) used to represent this product is/are for reference purposes only. The image(s) used to represent this product can represent different viewing angles of ONE SINGLE product (for example front and back).

JETS (Janty eGo Tank System) atomizers (except LR or TAWA atomizers) are covered by our Janty Warranty Program for 6 months from the delivery date and batteries 6 months. We will not guarantee products that have been damaged through improper use or intentional damages.

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Customer Reviews 

Rating 5
Cynthia Miller - Saturday, 22 October 2011 EDT

I actually ordered this product by mistake, but it was the best mistake I've made in a long time. This atomizer is wonderful. It is soooooo much
better and lasts so much longer than the type-A atomizers. Their life is twice that of type-A. I love this product.

Rating 5
Susanne Demaree - Saturday, 17 September 2011 EDT

My atomizer broke so I went back to dripping. I purchased the eGo Type B and it arrived the other day. I thought it would make my eGO look longer, but
it's just wider, to match the width of the battery. It's amazing! I also got the new elixer and the vapor is almost embarassing there's so much. Janty
has done it again! It just gets better and better!