How to use the Janty® Dura JDTS kit for the first time?

1. Open your Janty® Dura Tank System Kit, take out all the pieces, and put them in front of you on an uncluttered table.
2. Locate the USB cable and the wall charger and move these pieces out of the way.
3. Locate the JDTS atomizer and the JDTS cartridge ( see picture a ), insert the JDTS cartridge all the way into the JDTS atomizer. Pull out the JDTS cartridge and inspect if a small hole has been “punched” in the bottom of the JDTS cartridge. If this has been done, go to step 4, otherwise insert the JETS cartridge all the way inside the JDTS atomizer once more, and inspect again.
4. Now take the JDTS cartridge and remove the tiny lid at the end of it (opposite end of mouthpiece), then continue to fill it up with your favorite Janty liquid ( see picture b ). Once completed, secure the cap firmly in place.
5. As shown on picture C, insert your JDTS cartridge into the JDTS atomizer. Make sure the to hold your JDTS system like shown on picture C to avoid any spill of liquid while inserting the JETS cartridge. Notice that picture C has the JETS atomizer already connected to the battery.
6. If you have not already, attach your JDTS atomizer to the JDTS battery by using the corresponding screw-threads on both items.
7. You are ready !

Technical and general information

• Our Janty® JDTS batteries utilizes the latest micro-circuit airflow switch. Simply attach the JDTS atomizer with a filled tank onto the threaded end of the battery, and you are ready to go. The regular battery is 65mm x 9.2mm – but it is possible to get a longer ( XL ) version if you feel the need for it. Visit our Janty shops to browse around for this and other news!

• When inhaling, the LED light will gradually turn on as the battery starts to power up; when you stop inhaling, the LED turns off aand the battery stops working.

• Battery cut-off: To avoid over heating the atomizer / battery, and to extend the life of both, the LED will flash two times when the battery has been activated for five seconds. This will stop all power going to the JDTS atomizer. Once the LED finishes flashing, you can start over again.

• Low power: When the LED flashes ten times, it does so to indicate the battery is low on power, and it needs immediate charging.

• The Janty® JDTS atomizers works only with Janty JDTS cartridges and we can not guarantee full compatibility with any other manufacturer or product.

• Keep the battery, atomizer, and liquid away from children: Always store your e-cigarette products in a safe place. Never charge your batteries while unattended.

• Charging: The Janty® Dura Tank system comes with a special USB charger. When you want to charge your battery, you gently screw the battery into the USB charger using the corresponding threads on both items. Then plug the USB charger / cable into a USB port on your computer. The LED light will be on while charging and turns off once the JETS battery is fully charged. Charging takes around three hours.The input voltage is 5V (output current of the charger should be less than 1A, and the output voltage should be between 4.5-6v).

The battery should only be charged with the USB charger made specifically for this unit. Do not use another charger to charge the battery, - or use this charger to charge another models battery. This could result in your battery exploding, or a fire.

- The battery is a high-tech product – please take care in not dropping, or in any other way damaging it.
- Avoid exposing the battery to high or extreme temperatures.
- Avoid open fire, heat sources or any sharp objects to come near / puncture the battery.
- If the battery produces a noticeable smell, or gets hot without actually working, shows any deformation, or exhibits any other abnormalities, please cut off the power, remove the battery from the charger, and put the battery in a safe place for at least one hour. A safe place is a kitchen tile, or another heat tolerant surface. After an hour, it is safe to touch the battery again, and you can dispose of it correctly. This precaution is only for your protection; a battery exhibiting the above characteristics should be handled with great care.

Maintaining your product:
To make sure your Janty® JDTS system will keep on working as good as the first time you used it, you should keep it as clean as possible, and do regular inspections. Be careful not to let dust or other objects come inside the Janty® JDTS atomizer, and the Janty® JDTS battery compartments.
Before charging your Janty® JDTS battery, make sure to wipe off any excess liquid from both charger and battery’s contact surfaces. Otherwise your battery might not charge, or show that it is full, when in fact it is not.