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Disclaimer: Janty Electronic Cigarettes are currently not recognized as a smoking cessation device. To use Janty's e-cigarettes, smoke e-liquids or cartridges and e-liquid tanks you should be an adult of the legal age of 21 years old in your jurisdiction to purchase regular cigarettes. Janty E-cigs and its accessories, e-liquids and e-cartridges should be kept out of the reach of children. Janty does not sell its electronic cigarettes to  people under the age of 21, non smokers or pregnant women, people with a heart disease, asthma or any other lung or heart related diseases or people with allergic reactions to PG e-liquid. Keep Janty electronic cigarettes and its components away from children and pets. Buy Electronic Cigarette Kits from Janty to assure quality and enjoy our 6 month warranty program.