The Janty® eGo Instruction Manual

The eGo is a unique Janty® design incorporating easy chargin with long lasting battery life in a beautifully designed shell.
The eGo is powered by a 3.7 volt, 600 mAH rechargeable battery. The expected duration for one charge is individual and depends on how frequently you use it. Ranging from extreme to normal usage, the battery life should be between 5 & 10 hours. The eGo provides its own charging method via a USB to battery cable included in the box.
Recharge time is around 2 hours for a completely drained battery.

They will not be able to handle it and may be damaged or explode. Also, DO NOT try to charge the eGo battery on another charger- it could result in battery damage.

Included in the eGo set:
1 X Dura atomizer, 1 X eGo atomizer cover, 2 X eGo battery, 1 X USB charger, 1 X wall charger, 1 X 5 pack of cartridges.

The eGo consists of a metal body that has an internal 3.7 volt, 600 mAH battery, an atomizer metal cover (or cone), an intelligent microchip providing a cut-off function and overcharge protection, as well as a manual push button.

Length: 118mm
Diameter: 14mm

The eGo consists of 3 main parts: Battery, atomizer, and atomizer cover. To assemble it, start by screwing the atomizer onto the corresponding portion of the eGo battery. Do not use excessive force when tightening the atomizer.

Once the atomizer has been fastened, gently put the atomizer cover over the atomizer and screw the cover into place. If the atomizer cover does not screw onto the battery relatively easy, inspect the thread of the cover and battery to ensure that they are clean.

To charge the eGo, gently unscrew the atomizer cover and atomizer by turning them counter clock-wise. Once removed, gently screw the battery onto the chargers corresponding threads. The battery light should flash 5 times once a solid connection is made with the charger. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN BATTERY INTO CHARGER as it can ruin the charging unit. The green light on the wall portion of the charger should turn from green to red while charging, once charging is complete, the red light will return to a solid green light.

To insert a cartridge, simply push into the atomizer until you hear a small click. To remove it, simply pull on it until it is fully removed.

eGo Manual Version: Press the button to activate the atomizer, a white light will emit from the button to indicate activation.

When necessary, use tissue paper to clean the atomizer shaft to remove any moisture that may have accumulated. In addition, use a cotton swab to remove any dirt that may accumulate around or on the thread of the atomizer and eGo battery to ensure a solid connection to the power source.

Only the dedicated components should be used, and the proper operation procedures must be followed to prevent malfunction and damage to the product. We do not accept warranty claims if you use other operation procedures than the ones stipulated herewith.

Keep the device separate from other items, for example: keys or spare change, which could collide with the device causing cosmetic or functional damage to the unit itself. Warranty claims for scratches on the body of the eGo or atomizer will not be accepted.

For your safety, do not leave the eGo unattended while it is recharging.

In the case that a problem should arise with this product, please go to your reseller/seller and do not try to dismantle the eGo yourself. Opening the eGo battery compartments or button department will result in complete malfunction of the device and voids all warranty for the item.