Please read this manual carefully before starting. Complete the warranty card with your personal data. IMPORTANT: None of the KISSBOX components are compatible with other e-cigarette models.

Please charge the battery inside the USB-E cable compartment before using the USB-E cable. You can charge the battery by connecting the USB-E cable to your computer or any other USB power adaptor, or by charging the battery with an e-cigar battery charger. ALWAYS remove the USB-E cable from your computer or USB car lighter adaptor or USB power outlet adaptor after use. Remove the battery inside the USB-E compartment if you do not intend to use the USB-E cable for a longer period, to avoid possible battery leakage.

We do not accept any warranty/indemnity claims in case of wrong usage.


For safe and effective use of the KISSBOX CLASSIC electronic cigarette and its supporting products, please read through the following information carefully before use and follow the standard operating procedures strictly.

How to Use

Click a cartridge in the atomizer. Screw a switch of your choice on the atomizer. Screw a battery on the switch. Your JANTY® e-cigarette is now ready for use. Inhale slowly and not too strong. The unit will react and start vaporizing. If you are using the manual switch,  the vaporizing process starts as you push the switch. The JANTY® E-cigarette has a built in safety stop function which will de-activate the E-cigarette after 4 seconds of inhaling to prevent overheating of the atomizer. If you are using a manual switch, push the switch again to re-activate the E-cigarette. Click a cartridge in the atomizer. Screw a switch of your choice on the USB-E cable's battery shaped connector, screw the atomizer on the switch. Connect the USB-E plug to the USB port of your computer, USB car adaptor or USB power outlet adaptor.

The USB-E cable contains a rechargeable 3.7 Volt battery in a special compartment. This battery will charge when
connected to a USB powersource. You can also leverage on the power of this battery independently.

Charging the Batteries

Screw a battery in the charger. Connect the charger to the power outlet. 1. The first charge should be kept for 16 hours, even if the LED light turns green. 2. Smoke for 20 minutes. 3. Charge the battery for another 4 hours. Your battery is now ready for normal use. Normal charging time should be kept for 4 to 5 hours (even if the LED ligth turns green). Do not use the charger in damp areas. Only use AC100V-240V 50:60Hz voltage.

Precautions for Carrying

If you are carrying the electronic cigarette with you, please carry it separately in order to avoid scratches or damage due to collision with other parts such as keys or mobile phones.

Original KISSBOX Components

The use of any un-dedicated components will lead to malfunction and damage of this product. The use of other than JANTY cartridges or the use of liquid will damage the atomizer beyond repair. Do not use the USB-E cable without the dedicated KISSBOX components such as switches and safety battery (inside the special battery compartment). The safety battery must reside inside the special compartment when you use the USB-E cable for smoking. The safety battery should however not reside inside the compartment if you intend not to use the USB-E cable for a long period, to avoid batttery leakage. Please dispose of old batteries in your local battery recycling collection point.

Use in Public Places

The Electronic cigarette does not produce any second-hand smoke and does not cause harm to surrounding people and environment. The electronic cigarette does not need to be lit and will not cause any fire risk. We recommend however out of courtesy to ask for permission to vaporize in public places, beforehand.


When driving, please ensure your strict compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country or region where you are staying. Be concentrated on driving and pay attention to road conditions. Do not use this device while driving and secure all parts to avoid damage to the product caused by collision.


Storage: The E-cigarette and its supporting parts should be kept away from children's reach and stored safely in a non damp environment.

Usage: When using the electronic cigarette, it is important that the time and frequency of your inhaling action should not exceed that of smoking a traditional cigarette.

Preparation: Leave the atomizer without switch or cartridge to dry for the night by storing the atomizer vertically on a paper tissue or dry rack. Charge your batteries at night time.

Health: When using this product you should drink a sufficient amount of water to avoid dehydration. Take a 20 minute break after each 16 puffs to let your body recover from nicotine absorbtion.

We recommend using NON nicotine containing cartridges.



LIQUID: The KISSBOX CLASSIC E-cigarette uses an advanced microelectronic technology to vaporize a special designed GRAS (generally recommended as safe) aproved liquid that is contained in cartridges which are inserted into an atomizer. The main ingredients of the liquid are water and non carcinogenic and non toxic (through their low concentrations) common legal food-and taste additives. We recommend to use the electronic cigarette with cartridges that do not contain nicotine. These cartridges are labelled as "NON".

OPERATION: The KISSBOX e-cigarette is unique because of its design and multiple operating functions. The KISSBOX e-cigarette can be powered by batteries or by the USB port on your computer, power outlet USB  adaptor or car lighter USB adaptor, supplying full and constant power for a maximum comfort level.The KISSBOX e-cigarette puts you in control by giving you the choice of a manual or automatic operation modus.

SAFETY: The switches contain a microchip safety program, preventing overheating of the atomizer. This safety program will de-activate the power supply to the atomizer if the switch is pushed continiously for more than 4 seconds. The power supply is re-activated by pushing the switch again.


The KISSBOX CLASSIC e-cigaret should be maintained regularly.

Clean the screws threads of the different parts such as atomizer, switches, chargers and batteries with a tissue dipped in purified unperfumed alcohol (please refer to your local drugstore).

Clean screw thread will provide better electric conduction.

Blow into the atomizer once and a while to evacuate left over liquid.

Remove cartridge and switch at night. Put the atomizer to dry for the night on a dry rack.

Technical Plan

A typical KISSBOX CLASSIC e-cigaret consists of a lithium ion battery, atomization chamber, a switch of your choice and a cartridge.


The atomization cartridge is composed of an inhaler and a liquid container. The dilution stored in this liquid container is for one-time-only use.

The nicotine content in cartridge is classified into high, medium, low, and non with various tastes to meet the needs of different people.

1. Remove the Plastic Cap
2. Remove the seal
3. Click the cartridge into the atomizer

Batteries and Charger

The KISS e-cigarette is powered by a 3.7 V special Lithium Ion battery. The charger is specially adapted for KISS batteries. The voltage is AC100V-240V 50/60Hz.

Each charger has a DC in 5V connector on the side, which can be used to charge the batteries with a carcharger cable ( not included).

Changing the Cartridge

Unscrew any switches first! Then remove the old cartridge by pulling it out of the atomizer. Remove the plastic cap of a new cartridge en verify the presence of the soft seal, remove the soft seal. Click the cartridge on the atomizer, screw a switch of your choice on the atomizer. Screw a battery on the whole or connect to the USB-E cable.


When you inhale via the mouthpiece, a small LED light on top of the switch will light up. When you stop inhaling, the LED light will turn off and the e-cigarette returns to stand-by mode. There is no LED light on a manual switch. When you push the manual switch you will hear the atomizer while it vaporizes. Hold the e-cigarette horizontal when you inhale. Do not use the e-cigarette in a vertical position, since liquid can enter your mouth and cause a stimulus. If liquid enters your mouth, please rince your mouth with water.

In case the e-cigarette should vaporize continiously, or in case the e-cigarette shows signs of over heating, stop the usage, unscrew all parts and contact your JANTY® dealer.

Changing the Battery

Change the battery when the e-cigarette produces no more significant vapor with a new cartridge. Screw the battery from the switch and charge the battery for 4 to 5 hours, even if the LED light turns green.

Changing the Cartridge

Change the cartridge when the e-cigarette produces no more significant vapor with a full battery.

When the vapor diminishes significantly the battery needs to be charged. Charge the battery with the special KISSBOX charger. Unscrew the battery from switch and atomizer and screw the battery into the KISSBOX charger. The LED light will turn red. Keep the battery charging for 4 to 5 hours, even if the LED light turns green.

NOTE: The first charge should be kept for 12 to 16 hours after which you should use the electronic cigarette for about 20 minutes. After this process the battery should be charged again for another 4 to 5 hours.

Pausing the charging process is allowed.


Before replacing a cartridge you can drysmoke the atomizer by using a black mouthpiece without the white container. Click the black mouthpiece on the atomizer and smoke normally untill the vapor diminishes signifficantly before using a new cartridge. This process will avoid the atomizer from clogging.

The atomizer does not need to be cleaned with water. However, if you should encounter persisting malperformance you can try to rince the atomizer with water and blowing the water though the atomizer several times.

The atomizer should be dried with a hairdryer after this process. When the atomizer is fuly dry, insert a new cartridge and operate the electronic cigarette until vapor is produced, then smoke as usual.

Sometimes it might help to drop a small amount of liquid directly onto the atomizer to kick start it in case the atomizer is too dry.

Do not charge the battery near a high-temp heat source.

Do not weld or pierce the battery

If the battery is found to be emittng any odor or heat or be discolored or deformed or have any abnormaty during charging, please cut off the power source immedately and remove the battery from the cigarette body or charger and suspend the use of it.

The KISSBOX charger can only be used with the KISSBOX dedicated lithum ion batteries.

Do not try to use this charger to charge other kind of battery.

Please keep the KISSBOX, it's components and cartridges from the reach of children or animals.

For your health: do not smoke more then 2 cartridges per day. Smoke non-nicotine cartridges.

Inhale slowly and give your body the time to recuperate by pausing after each 5 puffs. Take a 20 minute break after 16 puffs (equal to on enormal cigarette).

Suitable/Non-Suitable Users

Suitable Users

People with a long smoking history who whish to quit smoking normal carcinogenic cigarettes

Smokers who wish to smoke in public places

Non-Suitable Users

Minors under the age of 21


Pregnant women

Women who are breast feeding

People with allergic reactions to nicotine or other components of inhalants

People with heart/blood or vascular disease, people who suffer from high bloodpressure or other health problems