Please read this manual carefully before starting.




For safe and effective use of the Janty® DURA and its supporting products, please read through the following information carefully before use and follow the standard operating procedures strictly.

The Janty® DURA consists of a lithium ion battery, atomization chamber, and a cartridge. The cartridge is suited for one time use only. When using the Janty® DURA a circuit will be activated and the indicator LED in front of the Janty DURA a body will light up. The unit switches to stand-by modus when not in use.


Unpack the cartridge and remove the cover. Click the cartridge in the atomizer. Screw a battery on the atomizer. Your Janty® DURA is now ready for use. When in use, a small LED light on top of the body will light up. When not in use, the LED light will turn off and the Janty® DURA returns to stand-by mode.

Do not use the Janty® DURA in a vertical position, since liquid could leak. In case the Janty® DURA should vaporize continuously or in case the Janty® DURA shows signs of over heating, stop the usage, unscrew all parts and contact your JANTY® dealer.

Battery replacement

During the use of this unit, if the LED indicator in front of the Janty® DURA body flashes slowly for a consecutive 20 times, the battery needs to be replaced. If you continue to use it, the unit will shut down automatically.

Cartridge replacement

If during the use of this unit, vapor is found to be significantly reduced, the cartridge needs to be replaced.

The Janty® DURA does not cause harm to surrounding people and environment. The Janty® DURA will not cause any fire risk. We recommend however out of courtesy to ask for permission to use the vaporizing function in public places, beforehand.

The built-in micro-computer controlled programs has a self-cleaning function; after 1,500 vaporizations, the indicator in front of the battery body flashes for 6 seconds, which means that the micro­computer controlled programs are cleaning the unit automatically.

In order to prevent overuse, the front indicator will flash for 10 seconds if the Janty® DURA is used 15 times in 1 minute.

The atomizer does not need to be cleaned with water. However, if you should encounter persisting mal performance you can try to rinse the atomizer with water and by blowing the water through the atomizer several times. The atomizer should be dried with a hairdryer after this process. When the atomizer is fully dry, insert a new cartridge and operate the Janty® DURA until vapor is produced. Sometimes it might help to drop a small amount of liquid directly onto the atomizer to kick start it in case the atomizer is too dry.



NORMAL CHARGER: Screw the dedicated lithium battery in the charger. Connect the charger to the power outlet. 1. The first charge should be kept for 8 hours, even if the LED light turns green. 2. Use for 20 minutes. 3. Charge the battery for another 1 hour. Your battery is now ready for normal use. Normal charging time should be kept for 1 hour (even if the LED light turns green). Do not use the charger in damp areas. Do not charge the battery near a high-temp heat source. Do not weld or pierce the battery. If the battery is found to be emitting any odor or heat or be discolored or deformed or have any abnormally during charging, please cut off the power source immediately and remove the battery from the Dura body or charger and suspend the use of it. The Janty® DURA charger can only be used with the Janty® DURA dedicated lithium ion batteries. Do not try to use this charger to charge other kinds of batteries. Please keep the Janty® DURA and it's components and cartridges from the reach of children or animals.

OPTIONAL USB CHARGER CABLE Screw the dedicated lithium battery in the optional USB charger cable. Insert the USB charger cable into the USB port of your computer, USB Home Charger, USB car charger. Do not charge batteries outdoors or in a damp environment. Keep all parts out of children’s reach.



The body is an integrated stainless steel shell structure, containing a lithium ion battery, smart chip and program controlled circuits, an atomization chamber and a cartridge. The LED in front of the body structure is the operating mode indicator.



We do not accept any warranty/indemnity claims in case of wrong usage. If you are carrying the Janty® DURA with you, please carry it separately in order to avoid scratches or damage due to collision with other parts such as keys or mobile phones. The use of any un­dedicated components will lead to malfunction and damage of this product. The use of other than JANTY® cartridges or the use of liquid other than JANTY® liquid will damage the atomizer beyond repair. Please dispose of old batteries in your local battery recycling collection point. When driving, please ensure your strict compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country or region where you are staying. Be concentrated on driving and pay attention to road conditions. Do not use this device while driving and secure all parts to avoid damage to the product caused by collision. The Janty® DURA uses an advanced microelectronic technology to vaporize a special designed GRAS (generally recommended as safe) approved liquid that is contained in cartridges that are inserted into an atomizer. The main ingredients of the liquid are water and non-carcinogenic and non-toxic common legal food-and taste additives.



Storage: The Janty® DURA and its supporting parts should be kept away from children's reach and stored safely in a non-damp environment. Preparation: Leave the atomizer without cartridge to dry for the night by storing the atomizer vertically on a paper tissue or dry rack. Charge your batteries at night. Maintenance: The Janty® DURA should be maintained regularly. Clean the screws threads of the different parts such as atomizer, chargers and batteries with a tissue dipped in purified un-perfumed alcohol (please refer to your local drugstore). Clean screw thread will provide better electric conduction. Blow into the atomizer once and a while to evacuate left over liquid. Remove cartridge at night. Put the atomizer to dry for the night on a dry rack. When the vapor diminishes significantly the battery needs to be charged. Battery and charger: The Janty® DURA is powered by a 3.7 V special Lithium Ion battery. The charger is specially adapted for Janty® DURA batteries. The input voltage of the USB home charger is AC100V-240V 50/60Hz. The input voltage of the USB car charger is DC12V-24V. The input voltage of the USB battery – computer charger is DC5V. Pay attention to the value of the local voltage to be in accordance to that of the Janty® DURA charger.