JANTY® Personal Charger Casing (PCC). Please read the manual before use.

The JANTY® PCC is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery 1200 MaH. The mini USB
port is used to connect the PCC to the power outlet for charging. There are three LED’s on the
casing, from top to bottom they are named A,B,C.
C is a red & green bi-color indicating LED. A and B are red color indicating LED’s.


1. When the casing is charged through an external power adaptor (output through USB interface)
or a computer USB interface, the input is 5.0v and LED C will reflect the following status:
When the PCC is being charged, LED C shows red.
When the PCC is fully charged, LED C shows green: the charge is finished. When you unplug the
external power adapter or the USB cable from your computer, LED C will dim. (Note: The PCC
charges fully in about 4.0 hours.)

2. When the voltage of the PPC battery drops to 3.3V, LED B will show red: the casing needs to
be charged. LED A will dim.

3. When a battery is inserted into the PCC, the PCC tests the voltage of the battery. If the battery

voltage is less than 4.0v, LED A will turn red and the battery will be charged. When the battery is
fully charged LED A will dim.

4. In case the battery should not charge properly you will need to clean the inside of the charger
casing with cotton and alcohol to ensure there are no debris that impede the electrical conductivity.

5. Power storage: A fully charged PCC can fully charge 5 batteries.