The JANTY® STICK, a unique concept developed by JANTY®, is compatible with the most popular models of the pen-style ionizers. Adaptors for ionizers such as DURA, 901 or M401 will be available throughout 2009.

The JANTY® STICK is powered by a 3.7 Volt 360 MaH rechargeable battery. The JANTY® STICK also provides access to all functions with the enclosed mini USB cable. Connect the Mini USB cable to any power source (computer/ USB power outlet adaptor/ automobile adaptor) to charge the mini battery AND to operate the device at the same time!


The JANTY® STICK consists of a plastic body, a 3.7 Volt 360 Mah battery compartment, an ionizer compartment, an Intelligent microchip, a manual push button and a multi-color programmed LED light.


Length: 7.5 cm

Width: 2.5 cm

Thickness: 1.7 cm


1. Installation of the special 3.7 Volt/ 360 Mah rechargeable battery

- Unscrew the male “cross” screw from the stick’s dedicated battery compartment using the top of your finger. Alternatively, use a small screwdriver to unscrew.


- Insert a 3.7 Volt/ 360 Mah rechargeable battery into the stick’s dedicated battery compartment according to the +/- connection: + on top and – at the bottom.

- Screw the male cross screw tightly on the stick’s dedicated battery compartment with the top of your finger until you can turn no further. Do not screw it too tight. Alternatively use a small screwdriver.

- If the LED flashes 3 times, the installation of the battery is correct; If not, please check whether the polarity of the battery is placed correctly and whether the screw fits tightly.

2. Inserting/detaching a cart

Plug: Plug a cart into the ionizer until it clicks. Screw the ionizer with attached cart into the stick’s dedicated ionizer shaft.

Unplug: remove the ionizer from the ionizer shaft. Unplug the cart by simply pulling the plastic cap cart out.

3. Installation of the ionizer

Carefully push the ionizer, with the plastic cap cart inserted, into the stick’s dedicated ionizer shaft until you reach the internal screw.

Gently screw the ionizer: hold and turn the plastic cap to screw the ionizer into the stick’s dedicated ionizer shaft.

Use the plastic cap cart as a grip to unscrew the ionizer from the stick’s body when needed.

4. Operation

When you push the button, situated at the back of the stick, a LED will flash a blue light. The stick is now in working condition.

When in use, the IC controls the functioning of the ionizer. The LED turns blue during normal operation.

6. The LED will turn red after 6 seconds into operation mode. The device is still working at this point. However, when the red LED flashes 10 times, the device stops working.

To continue operating the device, you must push the button again at the back of the stick.

5. Battery and Charging

In case the LED flashes 5 times during operation, you will need to recharge the battery.

Connect the stick to your computer’s USB port or any other power outlets with a USB adaptor (e.g. in your home or your automobile, such as the JANTY® USB car adaptor) using the dedicated mini USB cable. After 1 to 2 hours of charging, the LED light will dim. When the LED light is dimmed, the battery is fully charged. Unplug the mini USB cable.

Alternatively you can charge the 3.7 Volt/360 Mah battery with a mini battery charger accessory (not included in the standard sets).

6. Replacing the cart

Replace the cart with a new one when consumed.


Only the dedicated components must be used, and the proper operation procedures must be followed to prevent malfunction and damage of the product. We do not accept warranty claims if you use other operation procedures than the ones stipulated herewith.

Keep the device separated from other articles such as keys and change that will collide with the device. Warranty claims for scratches on the body of the JANTY® STICK will not be accepted. Warranty claims for scratches on the body of ionizers used with this device will not be accepted.

For your safety, you must unplug the mini USB cable when the device is unattended.

In the case that a problem should arise with this product, please send the device back to your retailer/seller, and do not dismantle it by yourself. Opening the JANTY® STICK body will result in a malfunction of the device and no warranty claims will be accepted.

Keep away from high temperature and/or humid environment.

Keep the device and its components out of children’s reach, and avoid improper operation.


When necessary, use a tissue paper to clean the ionizer shaft in order to remove moisture.

Electrical properties application parameters of the Janty® stick

Battery standard: 10440/10430

Battery power : 360mAH

The battery can be charged through the USB port of the stickthe output supply voltage of the power adapter is 4.5V- 6.0V, charging current should be 360mA and the charging time is about 1.5 hours

The supporting charger is a special device for the Janty® Stick which cannot be substituted by another charger. Charging voltage should be 4.15V -4.25V. That is, if the battery is charged separately, the charging voltage must be strictly 4.15V -4.25V The specific charge current is decided by the charger, but it can not exceed 360mA. (The charging current of our optional E-cigar battery charger is 250mA; the charging time is about 2 hours.)

During the use of the unit, the battery's discharge current is 1.0A -1.2A.

Different type of USB cables can be connected with the stick. But we advise to use only our Janty® dedicated USB cable that comes with the Janty® stick.

The USB power supply is 4.5V ~ 6.0V

The stick contains a dedicated lithium-ion battery charge management circuit. The circuit limits the charge current to 360mA. If the current of the external USB power supply does not get 360mA, the power determines the charge current and charging time; if the external USB power supply can provide a current of 360mA or more, the electric charge flow and charging time are decided by stick itself. Charging time is about 1.5 hours.

About the batteries of the stick: as long as the models are in line with 10,430 or 10,440 and the nominal voltage is 3.6V, High-power battery discharge can be used. The battery capacity is only decided by the length of usage, and will not cause damage to the product. However, the battery discharge power must be more than 2 watts. We suggest that you use our original batteries.

About the charger: if you charge the battery charged outside the stick, you can use a 10,440 lithium-ion battery charger to charge, such as our optional E-cigar charger. But the charger output pressure must be limited to 4.15V ~ 4.25V. In particular, it should not be higher than 4.25V; otherwise the battery will not be able to charge fully. If the battery charges excess, it will be damaged. We suggest that you use our optional Janty® E-cigar charger.