To ensure that we are compliant with trading standards we must provide the following details below for your information and transparancy.

Nicotine in its pure form, when taken in high enough doses can kill. It is classed as a poison. For your own safety and others around you, please read the following carefully and take all necessary precautions.





  • Use only Janty dedicated components.  Proper operation procedures must be followed to prevent malfunction and damage to the product. We do not accept warranty claims if you use other operation procedures  than the ones stipulated herewith.
  • Keep the device separate from other items, for example: keys or spare change, which could collide with the device causing cosmetic or functional damage to the unit itself. Warranty claims for scratches on the body of the Janty product or atomizer will not be accepted.
  • For your safety, do not leave Janty batteries unattended while it is recharging. Do not charge on carpets, couches, near curtains or other flammable items. ALWAYS charge on a NON FLAMMABLE surface in a NON FLAMMABLE area with at least 1 meter distance to any nearest flammable object.
  • Do not try to dismantle the battery compartment. Opening the battery compartment or button department voids all warranty claims. In the case that a problem should arise with the product, please go to your reseller/seller and bring the kit.

Please treat this product with the utmost care and ensure that you adhere to the following advice:

Keep cartridges/liquid locked up, out of reach of children and pets at all times.
Seek full medical attention immediately in case of accident, or if you feel unwell, and print the attached manual and take it with you to your doctor.
Seek medical advice immediately if this product is swallowed.

Nicotine is highly toxic
Nicotine is very addictive
Danger of serious damage to health
Very toxic by inhalation
Very toxic when in contact with the skin
Very toxic if swallowed
May cause sensitisation by skin contact
May cause harm to the unborn child - do not use if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding
Vapour may cause irritation to eyes and skin
Vapour my cause drowsiness or dizziness
Very toxic to aquatic organisms
May cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment
After contact with skin, wash immediately and thoroughly with soap and water
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and seek full medical advice immediately
In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek full medical advice and print this label and show it to your doctor
Cartridges or liquid material and its container must be disposed of in a safe way with due care to both man and the environment
Use appropriate containment to avoid environmental contamination

To avoid risk to man and the environment, comply with the following instructions for use:
Not to be used by anyone under the age of 21
Not to be used by People who demonstrated sensitivity to nicotine
Not to be used by people with heart conditions/unstable heart conditions
Not to be used by people with blood pressure problems
Not to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding
Keep your electronic vaporizing device locked away at all times
If swallowed, seek full medical advice immediately from a trained medical professional and provide a hard copy of this leaflet
Keep out of reach from children and pets at all times
Nicotine in its pure form is a poison and can cause very serious harm to both man and the environment
All cartridges and liquids must be kept in a safe place locked away from children and pets at all times
The amount of nicotine in one cartridge if ingested by a small child could cause serious harm. In this case, medical assistance must be sought immediately without delay

Products on the website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your health care professional.

By purchasing these products, you agree to use products at your own risk. Under no circumstances will Janty USA or its subsidiaries be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage that is caused or alleged to have been caused in connection with use of, or reliance on any product on this site.

You must be twenty-one (21) years of age, and possess a valid credit card to purchase our products. Janty® USA. or its subsidiaries will not sell products to minors. Janty® USA or its subsidiaries reserves the right to cancel any sales transaction based on its sole discretion where it reasonably believes the purchaser is purchasing products on behalf of a minor.

Base Ingredients for cartridges and liquids
(percentage and presence of substances depending on taste and density):

PROPYLENE GLYCOL: Between 52%-66%
Non carts or liquid: 0%
Low carts or liquid: 0.4% to 0.6%
Medium carts or liquid: 0.9% to 1.1%
High carts or liquid: 1.3% to 1.6%

JANTY® LIQUID TESTS University of Naples

Conducted in June and July 2008 at the unversity Federico II in Naples Italy, the independant tests show:

1. The chemical composition of RY4 LOW liquid used in JANTY® RY4 LOW cartridges (Available on demand for official use)

2. The chemical composition of the JANTY® plastic mouthpieces (Available on demand for official use)

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