Janty® is the leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. With its innovations and trendsetting designs Janty brings you the best electronic cigarettes world wide and maintains the highest standards in both product-quality and service.

Janty® has been actively involved in the electronic cigarette smoker community since 2006, and is recognized as the symbol of excellence that has consistently served the needs of an ever-growing community that seeks to lead a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Janty® pioneers originality, creative design, consistent quality and exceptional customer service in e-cigarette design and production

From the Janty® Yentl – the original model of the Janty® line of products – the first Janty® e-cigarette had been revamped and repackaged into the successful Janty® mini-fogger series, and then further into the current Janty® Dura series, a recent model that has also been receiving critical acclaim from the community. Janty® was the first manufacturer to introduce the Janty® Kissbox based on the KISS (Keep It Simple and Slick) principle, coupled with manual switch buttons for ease of control, as well as the option for consumers to switch to USB powered usage.

Janty® launched the first ever non-cigarette-shaped e-smoking device, the Janty® Stick, which ranks as the most durable as well as on of the best-sold devices on the market.

In October 2009, Janty® introduced the Janty® eGo, a long lasting battery powered e-smoking electronic cigarette device that comes in an avant garde, ergonomic design that blowed both consumers and critics minds.

Janty's renowned e-cig products are published and patented at the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office of the European Community (OHIM).

Janty design patents

Janty® reaches consumers worldwide, paving the way for an enhanced leisure lifestyle.

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